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We met LoolaMae on a rainy day in 2004 while passing through Pasadena, California on our way to visit Amie’s great aunt over the New Year’s holiday weekend.

Well, the 2 year old didn’t feel so well and as these things go, she let us know in a very comprehensive way that we needed to stop and clean up the back seat of the car.

We pulled off the freeway and after a good cleanup at a gas station, we asked directions to any nearby place we could find some (clean) new clothes for our little one.

We were directed to a nearby Target and while winding our way through downtown Pasadena on the weekend of the Rose Parade, we passed by a store called “Lulamae” and there in the window was the namesake. We fell in love with her at first sight and so the following week she was presented to Amie as a surprise gift. Renamed “LoolaMae” she’s been an important fixture in our home ever since.

We hope you like her as much as we do, she makes us smile.

- The Millsap Family

loolamae 122107 002
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