flower_bluePricing is based on the complexity and the cost of materials. For example, a “Disney” themed piece will likely require the purchase of more expensive materials.

flower_greenA visit to your home is the best way to get the project started. If you have a theme in mind or a clear idea of what you want the piece to communicate, a visit with you at your home will help Amie get a feel for your color, size and taste.

flower_pinkWe will hang the piece in your home (local customers). We use a commercial hanging system which ensures that your piece will hang straight and not fall.

flower_blueWould you like to see some of Amie’s work in person? There are a few pieces on display in businesses around Yorba Linda and a couple in our home. We’d be happy to show you some physical pieces - just let us know.

flower_greenWhat size are the pieces? Almost anything can be done, but the most cost effective and common sizes are: Small 36” x 40” & Large 40” x 52” (outside)

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